Audi Crowned World Champions as Massive Downpour Halts Action

Fuji Speedway, October 20: To the seasoned Fuji-goer, the conditions that greeted the World Endurance Championship (WEC) entrants over the weekend weren't all that surprising. Many Japanese motorsport fans can recall at least one race that was partially (if not completely) rained-out at the circuit.

When there's 90 minutes' racing on the schedule, weather can easily put paid to even the best planning. But a six-hour event, rained out from the warm-up lap (at 11am) till the last (of three) gallant attempts to race, nearly five hours later? That's got to be a first.
Despite the decidedly soggy conditions, the cars, by virtue of having followed the Safety Car round for more than two laps, were awarded half-points - and with that Audi sealed its second WEC crown in a row.

The Driver's title hasn't yet been won, but it's now a battle between Audi's #1 and #2 machines, the pair sufficiently ahead of rival manufacturer Toyota as the final two rounds of the season plays out in China and Bahrain.

As in 2012, Toyota 'won' the Fuji event - though it can't have been as satisfying as actually fighting for positions lap after lap, hour after hour, in anticipation of the flag dropping in their favour.


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