A long-term resident of Tokyo, Len Clarke has been promoting the Japanese motorsport sector for more than a decade.

An expert on what is a highly-organised and mature sector in Japan, Len’s experience and relationship strength in the field allows unparalleled access to teams, constructors, series’ organisers, circuits, drivers and decision-makers.

Sponsor activation and client support is a major part of the RACENOW Japan service menu, aligning primarily out-of-sector clients with the most cost-effective solutions for success, with the most prominent teams in Japanese motorsport.

The consultancy side of RACENOW Japan’s business includes service to the British embassy, Tokyo, as well as to a wide range of foreign firms contemplating the Japanese market, using motorsport as their platform for entry.

The media side of RACENOW sees Len contributing to publications overseas on the current state of all the international-level motorsports series in the country.

In addition to his position as Japan news correspondant for the world’s largest motorsport publication, AUTOSPORT (U.K.), Len's work has also been featured in magazines including Octane, REWIND, Nissan Sport, EV World, Honda Tuning, Super Street, The Japan Times, Pacific Stars and Stripes, CAR GRAPHIC, AUTOCAR Japan, Tokyo Weekender, Metropolis, GENROQ, Aston Martin quarterly, VTEC Sports, Wealth Arabia and on the Internet at SUPER GT, Global Racing Management, Sports Car Digest, Speedhunters, MZRacing, Racerbook,, nissan-kuruma, Planetlemans, Urban Racer, Nissan Motorsports International, Subaru-Global and other sector-specific sites.

Away from the keyboard, Len provides expert English-language commentary on the country’s largest racing category, SUPER GT, for its European broadcasts on Eurosport, Malaysia's TV3 – and in promotional tools to dozens of other broadcasters globally.


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