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Services include:

Full media suite: photography (see galleries), text, translation, race commentary
Motorsport and market entry consultation
Sponsorship activation
Driver representation
Motorsport event PR and hospitality

View a sample of Len Clarke's SUPER GT commentary in English

NISMO Festival Proves Its Appeal as 32,000 Fans Celebrate at Fuji Speedway

Fuji Speedway, December 1: Perfect weather, racing heroes everywhere you look (both machine- and human-based); history, success, titles, wins, thrills and spills - all this and so much more was in clear evidence at this year's NISMO Festival, where, after a one-year hiatus (while NISMO relocated to a brand new HQ in Yokohama), the granddaddy of the post-season manufacturer-based motorsports festivals was back.  And how!

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